Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information


The Admissions Application Process for Grade 8 for the 2025 Academic Year will take place from Thursday 11 July - Monday 12 August 2024.
All applications for Grade 8 learners will ONLY be processed though the Gauteng Department of Education's Online Admissions Application System.
All parents with children that need to commence with Grade 8 in 2025 must apply online for learners to be admitted to a school in the 2025 academic year.
Applications can be made from the comfort of the parent's home or at District Offices, Head Office and/or decentralised walk-in centres identified as sites for learner admissions across the province.

On completion of the 5 Step Application process, and online submission of the Admissions Application Form, the parent shall be provided with a Reference Number in writing. This reference number for the schools applied for will be sent via sms to the cell number provided by the parent.



•    Our language of teaching and learning and communication is English.
•    Afrikaans and IsiZulu are offered as a first additional language subjects.
•    Please refer to the Enrolment Information and Rules Brochure for school guidelines, procedure and protocol.
•    Please remember that John Orr Engineering School of Specialisation is a specialisation high school and learners who apply should have an established foundation in terms of our key learning areas i.e. Mathematics and Physical Science. John Orr Engineering School of Specialisation is not a ELSEN school for learners with learning disabilities.


•    All learners who wish to enrol at John Orr Engineering School of Specialisation need to write a standardised aptitude test and meet certain academic and technical criteria before they will be invited to complete the application process towards acceptance to the school.  
•    Admission tests are written at John Orr Engineering School of Specialisation in Milpark, Johannesburg between 09:00 – 15:00. For the next available dates please contact enquiries@johnorr.co.za
•    Parents need to accompany their children on the morning of the test as they will need to complete a biographical questionnaire before their child writes the assessment.
•    Please bring a copy of the learners’ latest/current report with you as well as a letter of reference/testimonial from the learners’ current school.
•    All learners must have Afrikaans or IsiZulu in Grade 7 in order to apply for admission.  
•    All learners who have met the acceptance criteria and written the standardised aptitude test will then complete an application form for admittance into John Orr Engineering School of Specialisation.
•    All learners who are accepted into John Orr Engineering School of Specialisation, will be notified either telephonically or by email.  A formal letter of acceptance will be issued on payment of the application fee.
•    The completed application form should be accompanied by the following original/certified supporting documentation:
1)    The learner’s original latest/final school leaving report once the learner has completed his/her current academic year.
2)    The transfer card from the learner’s previous school once the learner has completed his/her current academic year.
3)    A medical letter should the learner have any medical related issue/condition. Please include all chronic medication that the candidate needs to take.
4)    A certified copy of the learner’s birth certificate (please formally notify the school with a letter from Home Affairs with any changes in the learner’s name and surname).
5)    Immigrant study/work permits where applicable.
6)    A certified copy of both parents/guardians’ IDs.
7)    2 x colour passport sized photos of the learner.
8)    Proof of residence: any certified copy of a statement or account that shows the parents/guardians residential address and is no more than three months old.
9)    A R3000 refundable admin fee.  This will be refunded if the application for admittance is successful and will be deducted from the learner’s school fees for that academic year. 
10)    The admin fee will be fully refunded if a successful applicant notifies the school that they will not be accepting the enrolment offer timeously. However, the fee will be forfeited if the learner’s application is successful, but the parents do not notify the school that they are not accepting the enrolment offer.
11)    Refunds will only be granted upon presentation of the original receipt with a certified copy of the parents’ ID who originally paid the admin fee.
12)    Please inform us timeously if your child was accepted at another school, preferably by the beginning of the last quarter of the current year.

Please note: Do not buy school uniforms, stationary, work/exercise and textbooks until your child has formally been accepted, in writing, by the John Orr Engineering School of Specialisation admissions department.

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