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Deloitte Makes a Difference

Our Grade 11 and 12 learners were delighted to host 26 employees of accounting firm Deloitte on Tuesday 14 May 2024. 

The young men and women, either qualified or doing their articles, were from the audit division of the company and visited the school to share basic financial tips and tricks with the learners as well as promoting Deloitte as a future employer of our best and brightest.

Said team leader and recently qualified chartered account, Sibusiso Tsenase, “We are delighted to share our financial knowledge with the learners at John Orr School of Specialisation and help equip them for life after school. We came prepared to share advice on drawing up a personal budget, applying for university and a student loan, putting together an effective CV and the basics of income tax. We are also available to answer any questions the learners may have about other important financial matters which affect young people today”.

Deloitte has long been a company whose purpose is to make an impact that matters, not just for its people and clients but for society. They currently invest in colleges and universities through partnerships, scholarships, competitions, collaborations, and more, including Deloitte’s Centre for Higher Education Excellence and other partnership programs.

With Africa predicted to be home to the world’s fastest growing youth population over the next 20 years, Deloitte recognises that the education students receive today will be the engine that drives the continent's future.

Of particular interest to certain schools of specialisation, they also acknowledge the gap in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning and as such are providing funding, pro-bono services and skilled volunteers to The Pan-African Robotics Competition (PARC) based out of Senegal. PARC provides a virtual learning platform and an annual competition event that unites the brightest young minds while challenging their critical thinking and building their confidence. By applying their STEM learning to real-world problems, students are igniting their passion for learning and creating a ripple effect of change in their respective communities.

The Deloitte Audit Team will also be visiting the Soshanguve Engineering School of Specialisation in Pretoria. 

See the gallery of photographs of the day here

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